THE Insurance Tool to Help Lenders Close More Loans – Faster

Chaz Churchwell

"At Churchwell Insurance Agency we realize a mortgage broker/lender’s job never stops. You are a constant force in motion whose only priority is getting your borrowers’ dreams to come true. Sometimes though, things just aren’t within your control.

After all, you can’t move the interest rates yourself right? You can’t make your borrowers have great credit. Unfortunately sometimes the borrower doesn’t understand that, or doesn’t want to understand that because they become frustrated with the process."

Use the tools you have as lenders

We’ve seen situations play out when the market is going haywire where the borrower’s interest rate increases more than a full point just a month before settlement. When that happens it makes the tools at your disposal that much more important if you still plan on closing the loan — like for example the homeowners insurance.

Regardless of how many times you try to explain these things to borrowers, most of the time, all they’re concerned with is what their final monthly payment will end up being, and whether they can afford it. Homeowners insurance can be a big part of that, and could potentially make or break a settlement if the borrower’s escrow payment is unexpectedly higher than anticipated.

Educating your borrowers can be hard.

You know there are many variables that go into it, but a lot of the time they don’t think that through. How much they put down, what their interest rate is, do they have PMI, how much is their homeowners insurance — these are all things that go into their monthly payment.

Because Churchwell Insurance Agency is an independent agency, we are the lenders tool for choice for LO's who want to access to a wide range of insurance companies. You need DTI down, then we are the lenders tool you need to find the absolute best homeowners insurance policy available for your borrower.

Are you a mortgage broker who is looking to partner with a power house insurance agency to work hard with you for your borrower?

Our goal is to provide you with ease-of-access to our agency for your borrowers’ quote requests. Click the "Input Borrowers Info" button above and we will INSTANTLY reach out to your client to start working hard with you for them. How many other agencies can say they will do that for you.